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Audible.Com [Jul. 22nd, 2014|03:21 pm]
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[Current Music |"Gone to Texas" - Mike Zito] has licensed several books in the Prime Books' catalogue, including the first Yamada Monogatari book, Demon Hunter, and the one slated for December, To Break the Demon Gate. I've had podcasts before, but never a complete audiobook. I'm chuffed.
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Power's Shadow - Chapter 3, Pt 2. [Jun. 9th, 2014|08:24 am]
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We meet Marta's shadow. Marta still doesn't know she has one.

Chapter 3, Pt 2.

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Oxford, MS [May. 29th, 2014|07:34 pm]
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A very brief trip report on a visit to Oxford, MS, for Square Books and William Faulkner's home, Rowan Oak. The Click is here.
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Power's Shadow, Chapter 2, Pt 3 [May. 19th, 2014|09:10 am]
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...Is now online. I wound up breaking this one into 4 parts after I realized how long the chapter was. I'll probably break it into 2 parts in the rewrite.

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There and Back Again [May. 14th, 2014|12:07 am]

Made it. I tried to get back on LJ earlier, but logging in proved impossible, and don't get me started on the "Prove you're not a robot" brick wall. Still not sure how how I managed this time, but regardless, I've lost my mind entirely and started blogging the current project, Power's Shadow, as a serial. Chapter 1 is done, Chapter 2 is in progress. Stop by if you're inclined.

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Odds and Ends and Updates [Dec. 9th, 2013|11:10 am]
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At the other place today. Oh, and the holidays make me nuts. Or more so.

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Yamada Timeline [Nov. 27th, 2013|09:18 am]
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Japanese Mask

It occurs to me, with the mixing of short fiction and novel-length stories that make up the Yamada timeline, that it might not be a bad idea to set this all out now, at least to the degree I understand it (and if you think the writer knows everything about what they’ve done, think again). Most of the stories occur in the timeline/continuity in the order that they were written, but the novels do throw one or two curves into the mix, so here goes:

“Fox Tails” – First Yamada story written. Knew it was a series then, didn’t know where it was going.

“Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge” – Second Yamada story. Yamada’s sad history with Princess Teiko is revealed. This was the story where I think I first got a good handle on who Yamada was and what he was about.

YAMADA MONOGATARI: DEMON HUNTER. First Yamada collection. The stories contained therein were usually a reader’s first introduction to the series and were published over a span of years and appear in the order they were written, but the continuity is not complete in them because….

Here’s where it gets a little complicated:

TO BREAK THE DEMON GATE. First actual Yamada novel. TBTDG incorporates “Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge” which forms the first section of the book, and no, I didn't know that it was the first section of a novel when I wrote it. I figured that out later. The balance of the novel concerns the events leading up to Yamada’s final confrontation with Lord Sentaro. This was written after several of the stories appearing in YM:DH but before “The Ghost of Shinoda Forest,” which ends the collection, but in the continuity of the series, they all, except “Fox Tails” and "Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge," occur after the events of the novel. At the end of TO BREAK THE DEMON GATE, Yamada has still not made peace with the memory of Princess Teiko. That comes later (see “The Ghost of Shinoda Forest.”) I’m not sure when the PS Publishing limited edition is coming out, but Prime Books has the trade reprint scheduled for December 2014.

“The Sorrow of Rain” – If you have no idea what this story is, that is because it hasn’t been published yet. But it falls in the timeline before “The Ghost of Shinoda Forest” but after TO BREAK THE DEMON GATE.

THE WAR GOD’S SON – complete but under revision. The events of this book occur about seven years after “The Ghost of Shinoda Forest,” and take place after all the short stories written to date in the continuity. The novel is set during what is usually referred to as The Nine Years’ War in Japanese history (though, with delays and truces, it was more like twelve). The tearing of the social fabric that will eventually bring about the end of the Heian Period and the rise of the samurai is already evident, but won’t manifest completely for another hundred and twenty years. We also get to meet Yamada's elder sister. There is no current publication date scheduled.

And that’s where it stands. Confused? I would be. I often am.
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Muse and Writer Dialogues #10 [Nov. 11th, 2013|09:45 am]
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At the other place.

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Two For Christmas [Nov. 8th, 2013|11:29 am]

Two For Christmas

I'm making the only two Christmas stories I've ever written ("Cold Christmas" and "Have a Good Day")available on the Kindle and Nook. Because why not.

Two For Christmas.

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Good Literature Should Taste Good, Too [Nov. 4th, 2013|09:57 am]
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Apparently First Reader is not the only resident who gets to have a say in regards to The War God’s Son. Sheffield the Cat had some incisive (incisors?) commentary on the lead to Chapter 4. You can see his commentary expressed with his usual directness. The green marks are from First Reader.

As is pretty typical at this stage of the process, for my own part I have an alternating love/hate relationship with the text. Sometimes I just zip through revisions, and at others I can’t stand to look at it. Sometimes I think it’s among the best things I’ve ever done, at others, not so much. As I said, typical. The jury’s still out with First Reader, though she is quick to point out that my punctuation is atrocious (her word, not mine). I beg to differ. My punctuation is not atrocious. It’s commas, mostly. I think commas should do what I want them to do, and I put them where I darn well want. She says commas do what they are grammatically required to do, belong only where they are required to belong. I think this is a philosophical divide that we may never manage to bridge.

As for Sheffield, he pronounces Chapter 4 “chewy.” Something he can really get his teeth into.

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